Stem Jackets are the perfect eyewear accessory to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose or to make them more comfortable. Remove the irritation of ill fitting glasses by making them stay put! Use them during any activity and you will not be sorry.

Don’t believe us? Listen to some of our happy customers.

“Takes the pressure off your head and nose. Keeps your glasses in place. My glasses used to give me a headaches, but not anymore! Why didn’t I think of these? Thank you. I love them. I am telling everyone about them!”

            Pam Millan, Psychotherapist from North Carolina

“They are so comfortable. I don’t even know they are there except for the fact that I don’t have to adjust my glasses all the time!!”

            Kim Shamblee, Military Spouse/Mom from Indiana

“I’ve worn glasses since I was 2-years old. I didn’t even know glasses were on my face!”

            Aidan Heirigs, 11-year old Student and Hockey Player from California

“These are great for my 7-year old daughter’s glasses. They keep her from touching the lenses and making them blurry.”

            Angela Munson, Payroll Manager and Mother from California

“I work for a major airline and in healthcare. These have been a lifesaver! When it’s hot outside here in northwest Arkansas and on the go in the hospital, Stem Jackets have been a lifesaver! Not having to keep pushing up my glasses is a huge help with me. No touching my glasses with sweaty or germ ridden hands! They stay perfectly in place. And supporting those that served, even better!”

            Justin Jones – Airline Employee and Healthcare Provider

“I love my Stem Jackets. My sunglasses never fit so well! They are the sunglass accessory I never knew I needed!”

            Pat Corrigan, Navy Pilot from New York